Disconnect is a romantic comedy about Celine is a young, single successful dentist living a fabulous life in Nairobi alongside with her childhood best friend Josh. Even as Celine lives her life, her heart isn’t fully healed from a devastating heartbreak to Kenneth, a prominent news anchor for a top TV station.

One unsuspecting evening, Celine alongside her besties bring up the uncanny coincidence that all of Celine’s ex boyfriends have one thing in common – they resemble Josh in one way or the other. Celine immediately brushes it off but as she spends more time with Josh, things have become rather uncomfortable for her because her besties observations might just be true.

Meanwhile Josh is having trouble in his relationship to Neema – a feisty young lady who hates the closeness that Josh and Celine shares. Josh vehemently denies it, but why won’t Josh propose to Celine? He already bought the ring but has kept it hidden for a while now. As Celine set’s off to prove to her besties that their jabber was all a coincidence she starts dating meeting Richard – The “Right Guy”

But Celine is in a quandary, what if Josh is truly her soul mate, Mr. Right – the love of her life? One night, Celine decides to do the unthinkable hoping it’ll give her a sign. Has Celine ruined her great friendship with Josh? Will they end up together? What of Neema?

DIRECTOR: David "Tosh" GItonga

SCREENPLAY: Natasha Likimani


WRITTEN BY: Silas Miami

EDITING: Franki Ashiruka


SOUND: Lee Smith

CAST: Nick Mutuma, Brenda Wairimu,Pierra Makena, Patricia Kihoro, Pascal Tokodi,Catherine Kamau, Bridgitte Shighadi and Brian Ogola 



David Gitonga, popularly known as Tosh is no newbie to the Movie Business. He worked as an assistant director on lms such as Afrika Mon Amour( 2006) , Malooned and Garden of Eden(2007) and The First Grader (2009) before getting his directorial debut in the award winning lm Nairobi Half Life.