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Jo, a witty 9-year old girl, loves films and superheroes. Whenever Mike, a local VJ, shows up with action films, she is utterly taken in. After these events she, full of energy, inspires the other kids to imitate scenes they have seen - and it is unquestionable, that Jo always plays the superhero. The kids are in a children’s hospital and the screenings are a welcome change. 

Jo is terminally ill and one day, her mother Kathryn takes her back to her rural village to spend the rest of her short life with her family. Without her friends from the hospital she drifts off into daydreams of being a real female superhero, a dream which proves to be something, her rebellious teenage sister Mwix, her overprotective mother Kathryn and the entire village of Maweni think, they can fulfil. They all work together to let her last wish come true. 

Stycie Waweru is giving a touching debut in the role as Jo. Together with director Likarion Wainaina in SUPA MODO they create a moving picture about the power of imagination, the solacing power of cinema and a community growing together closer in trying to give comfort.

DIRECTOR: Likarion Wainaina
CAST: Stycie Waweru, Marrianne Nungo, Nyawara Ndambia, Johnson Fish Chege, Humphrey Maina
PRODUCER: Sarika Hemi Lakhani, Siobhain "Ginger" Wilson, Tom Tykwer, Marie Steinmann-Tykwer, Guy Wilson
SCREENPLAY: Mugambi Nthiga, Silas Miami, Wanjeri Gakuru, Kamau Wandung'u
EDITING: Charity Kuria
PRODUCTION: One Fine Day Films, Ginger Ink Films



Born in Moscow, Russia, Likarion Wainaina lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya. As a professional Film/TV Director and Cinematographer he worked as well at various productions as on a number of documentaries and commercials. Furthermore he directed TV shows - both Drama and Sitcoms - that are currently gracing local TV stations in Kenya. His short film BETWEEN THE LINES became the first Kenyan Film to be projected on an IMAX screen in Kenya. At the 48Hour Film Festival 2015 he and his team worked on the film BAIT, which was selected as one of the top short films and screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.

With SUPA MODO, Likarion Wainaina has created a moving picture about the power of imagination, the solacing power of cinema and a community growing together closer in trying to give comfort.




Félicité is a proud, free-willed woman working as a singer in a bar in Kinshasa. Her life is thrown into turmoil when her 14-yearold son falls victim to an accident. To save him, she sets out on a breakneck race through the streets of electric Kinshasa - a world of music and dreams where she’ll cross paths with Tabu…

DIRECTOR: Alain Gomis

PRODUCERS: Arnaud Dommerc, Oumar Sall, Alain Gomis

SCREENPLAY: Alain Gomis, Delphine Zingg, Olivier Loustau


EDITOR: Fabrice Rouaud


COSTUME DESIGNER: Nadine Otsobogo Boucher

MUSIC: Kasai Allstars, Arvo Pärt

WITH: Véro Tshanda Beya (Félicité), Papi Mpaka (Tabu), Gaetan Claudia (Samo), Kasai Allstars



Alain Gomis is a Franco-Bissau Guinean-Senegalese director. He was born in 1972 in France, where he grew up. His first two short films, Tourbillons followed by Petite lumière, were selected and received awards at several international festivals. In 2001, his first feature-length film, L’Afrance, won the Silver Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival.

Then came Andalucia in 2007 starring Samir Guesmi, then Tey starring Saul Williams, which was selected for competition at Berlin and won the Golden Stallion at Fespaco in 2013. A partner at Granit Films along with Newton Aduaka (Nigerian director, Ezra) and Valérie Osouf (French director), Alain Gomis also works with producer Oumar Sall (Cinékap) on a training program for young filmmakers and technicians in Senegal (Up Court-métrages). Félicité is his 4th feature-length film.




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Filmmaker and photographer, Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann embarks on a journey that takes her to the island of Lamu. Her intentions, to make a documentary about the effects on Lamu’s community and environment as it transforms from an obscure, predominantly Muslim Stone town to a huge Port town.

A gigantic port project and coal plant are the external elements that threaten to disrupt the rhythm of Lamu however the real disruption is that Philippa as we watch her confront a new spiritual awareness. Her commitment to a path of self-discovery takes her to a woman called Raya and her young sons, Ahmed and Abu Bakr.

It is in their home that she finds a narrative anchor and a more personal entry point into the mysteries of this old town. Fragments of Lamu life unfold like chapters in a book: a man scaling a fish, children bathing by a dock, a baptism, a visual diary of a woman not entirely sure of where she is headed. With her deepest instincts guiding her, we see Ms. Ndisi Herrmann tackle the contradictions of being a modern, liberal woman embracing Islam and grappling with the complexities of her chosen faith.

EDITOR – Angela Wamai
SCORE – Tiago Correia-Paolo
FINAL MIX – Eric Musyoka



Philippa was born in Germany and raised in Kenya. She studied scriptwriting and Directing at AFDA, Cape Town.

A fellow of RAW Académie 2016, her Visual Poem Seeds won the Ecumenical Jury Award at Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2017. She has exhibited at Turner Contemporary (UK, 2017), at The National Museum with Goethe Institut (Kenya, 2013) and, in collaboration with The Sundance Institute, at MoCADA (New York City, 2011).

Drawn to narratives about Children and Women, Philippa has a personal interest in Psychic Ancestry, Spirituality and the poetry of the Ocean.
She has directed numerous music videos and short films. She has just completed a feature-length documentary, New Moon (formerly The Donkey that Carried the Cloud on its Back).

In 2012, under a pen name, a selection of her poetry was published in Reflections: An Anthology of New Work by African Women Poets. Philippa vibrates and creates in the realm of still and moving words and images. She has a penchant for cooking, laughing with kindred spirits, dancing to songs that touch her heart and reading Maulana Rumi.




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Ady, a 13 years old boy, no longer listens to his father who raises him alone. The latter, running out of resources, decides to entrust Ady to his uncle Amadou for the summer. Uncle Amadou and his family live on the other side of the Mediterranean sea... in Burkina Faso! There, at 13 years, one must become a man but Ady, persuaded to go on holidays, understands things differently

DIRECTOR:  Berni Goldblat

SCREENPLAY:  David Bouchet

PRODUCER:  Nicolas Anthomé - Bathysphere


EDITOR: Laurent Sénéchal

CAST: Makan Nathan Diarra, Ibrahim Koma, Hamadoun Kassogué , Joséphine Kaboré,  Mounira Kankolé 



Berni Goldblat is a swiss-burkinabe film director. He has been directing, producing and distributing films since 1999, mainly documentaries in and on West Africa. He has co-founded Cinomade, an association aimed at creating and disseminating audiovisual awareness-raising tools, as well as Les films du Djabadjah, an independent film production company located in Burkina Faso.

His feature documentary The Hillside Crowd has been selected in more than 50 international film festivals. Since 2007, he is a member of the Academy of Jurors at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). Since 2011 he also trains documentary film script-writers, and organizes and leads international documentary writing workshops in Bobo-Dioulasso for young African authors.

Since 2012, Berni is the President of ASCBF (Association de Soutien du Cinema au Burkina Faso), which is saving Bobo-Dioulasso’s Ciné Guimbi ( Wallay is his first feature fiction cinema film 




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After a minor incident in her village, nine-year-old Shula is exiled to a travelling witch camp where she is told that if she tries to escape she will be transformed into a goat. As she navigates through her new life with her fellow witches and a government official who espouses her, exploiting her innocence for his own gain, she must decide whether to accept her fate or risk the consequences of seeking freedom.


PRODUCER: Juliette Grandmont, Emily Morgan 


EDITING: Yann Dedet George Cragg Thibault Hague


CAST: Margaret Mulubwa, John Tembo, Davy Muyunda, Juliet Banda, Becky Ngoma



Rungano Nyoni participated in the Cannes Cinéfondation Residence programme in 2013 and was selected for the Nordic Factory where she co-directed and co-wrote the short Listen which was selected for over 150 film festivals and premiered in Directors Fortnight. It won over seventy awards including the Oscar® qualifying Best Short Narrative Prize at Tribeca Film Festival (2015).

Nyoni also directed the award winning and BAFTA nominated Mwansa The Great, as well as writing the Locarno Golden Leopard winner The Mass of Men. She graduated from Central St Martins with an MA in Acting.




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Ladji, 20, works hard as a prantiké (bus driver) to get his older sister, Aminata, out of prostitution. But when he doesn’t get the promotion he was expecting he decides to contact Driss, a drug dealer who owes him a favor. Assisted by his two mischievous friends, Houphouet and Zol, Ladji begins trafficking cocaine from Conakry to Bamako. His rapid rise to the top of the drug dealing underworld gives him easy access to money, women and a life that he had never dreamt of. But the price he has to pay is high.

SCREENPLAY: Daouda Coulibaly


EDITING: Julien Leloup

MUSIC: Eric Neveux

SOUND: Olivier Dandré

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Papa Mahamoudou Kouyaté

COSTUMES: Mariam Coulibaly

CAST: Ibrahim Koma, Inna Modja, Ismaël N’Diaye, Jean-Marie Traoré, Habib Dembélé , Mariame N’Diaye, Quim Gutiérrez, Olivier Rabourdin 



The French-Malian Daouda Coulibaly (Marseille) questions the place of West Africa in its relationship to the rest of the world.

After exploring themes such as recent history or cultural identity in his short films (A History of Independence, 2009; Tinyè So, 2011) with Wulu, his first feature film, he is asking what were the origins of the crisis in Mali in 2012. 2016 Wulu 2011 Tinyè So [short] 2009 A History of Independence, [short]




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A Swazi girl embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue her young twin brothers. This animated African tale is born in the imaginations of five orphaned children in Swaziland who collaborate to tell a story of perseverance drawn from their darkest memories and brightest dreams. Their fictional character’s journey is interwoven with poetic and observational documentary scenes to create a genre-defying celebration of collective storytelling.

 DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Aaron Kopp, Amanda Kopp

PRODUCER: Sakheni Dlamini, Daniel Junge

COMPOSER: Philip Miller



STORY ADVISOR: Gcina Mhlophe



Aaron Kopp is an award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-nominated cinematographer who was raised in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Kopp shot and co-produced the Oscar-winning documentary about acid attacks in Pakistan, Saving Face. He was also cinematographer for the Sundance 2015 premiered film, The Hunting Ground, about sexual assault on college campuses. Kopp was awarded grants from the MacArthur Foundation and the Doha Film Institute for his feature directorial debut, Liyana, which takes place in the country of his childhood and won the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary at the LA Film Festival and numerous other awards since.    




Amanda Kopp is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. She was producer and cinematographer for the short film Likhaya, which won People’s Choice and Best Documentary awards at international festivals. She also filmed for the Sundance 2015 premiered film, The Hunting Ground. Kopp’s photographic work has been published in the UK, US, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Pakistan, and Italy. Her feature directorial debut, Liyana, was awarded funding from Shine Global and Fork Films, before winning Best Documentary at the LA Film Festival, and the jury award for Artistic Bravery at the Durban International Film Festival.


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Liberian activist, Silas Siakor is a tireless crusader, fighting to crush corruption and environmental destruction in the country he loves. Through the focus on one country, Silas is a global tale that warns of the power of politics and celebrates the power of individuals to fight back. One man's battle gains momentum and emboldens communities to raise their fists and smartphones, seize control of their lands and protect their environment. It is a new generation of resistance.


DIRECTOR: Hawa Essuman

PRODUCER: Steven Markovitz

MUSIC: Brendan Canning, Ohad Benchetrit

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Edward Zwick, Jonathan Stack

STORY CONSULTANTS: Joelle Alexis, Iikka Vehkalahti



Anjali has been working with the environmental networks featured in this
project for over six years. Anjali’s feature directorial debut, Gun Runners
(2016), about Kenyan warriors turned marathoners, premiered at Hot Docs
and is now available on Netflix. Anjali is also directing Just A Band, a
fractionally-fictional documentary about an Afro-electric pop group that
wants to go to space, as well as a number of short creative and virtual reality films.
Beyond film, Anjali founded TIMBY (This Is My Backyard), a suite of digital
tools that helps activists report, verify and tell stories safely. She has a
Masters from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, a Masters in
Environmental Management from Oxford and a Graduate degree from the International Space University




Hawa has worked in theatre and narrative storytelling for 15 years, her work ranging from TV commercials, television series' and documentary. Her feature film,Soul Boy, screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide,
winning several awards, including the Dioraphte Audience Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Her film premiered at the Tate Modern in 2012 as part of Olafur Eliasson's Little Sun Project.


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One train. Four people. Strangers bound for Johannesburg. Each on their own mission. But one event will irrevocably change their lives forever.Based on real stories, Vaya weaves three separate plots that intersect in a gripping, edgy and deeply moving story about coming to the city and struggling to survive. It’s about strangers who never meet, but share a moment when all their lives explode and change forever.

Four characters arrive by train at Park station in Johannesburg. They are in search of family to help and support them. Each has come with a different but simple task to complete. But when they are betrayed by the people who were meant to protect them, they find themselves trapped in the city and with limited opportunities to survive.

Multiple stories are seamlessly woven together. There are no neat solutions and ends don’t easily tie up. As in real life, people often collide for brief moments. Sometimes these encounters have meaning and consequence and often they don’t and people scurry on in search of dignity and resources to survive.

DIRECTOR: Akin Omotoso

SCREENPLAY: Tshabalira Lebakeng, Anthony Mafela, David Majoka, Madoda Ntuli, Craig Freimond, Harriet Perlman & Robbie Thorpe

PRODUCTION: Rethabile Molatela, RobbieThorpe, Harriet Perlman, Ronnie Apteker & Akin Omotoso


EDITING: Vuyani Sondlo

MUSIC: Joel Assaizky

SOUND: Richard Mohlari

CAST: Mncedisi Shabangu, Sihle Xaba, Sibusiso Msimang, Zimkihitha Nyoka, Azwile Chamane, Warren Masemola, Nomonde Mbusi 



Akin Omotoso studied drama at The University of Cape Town where he won The Fleur du Cap for Most Promising Student. He also won The Standard Bank Young Artist Of The Year in 2007. Television work includes A Place Called Home (for which he won Best Director at The South African Film and Television Awards (“SAFTA”) and the number one drama on South African television Soul City. Akin has produced and directed four feature films: God Is African and the award winning Man On Ground (official selection to Toronto and Berlin).

His romantic comedy Tell Me Sweet Something was released throughout the continent of Africa in September of 2015 and has subsequently been nominated for 7 Africa Magic Viewer's Choice Awards. His latest film offerings are Vaya and A Hotel Called Memory. Vaya made it's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016. It will be making its European premiere on the 11th February 2017 at the Berlin International Festival.



Disconnect is a romantic comedy about Celine is a young, single successful dentist living a fabulous life in Nairobi alongside with her childhood best friend Josh. Even as Celine lives her life, her heart isn’t fully healed from a devastating heartbreak to Kenneth, a prominent news anchor for a top TV station.

One unsuspecting evening, Celine alongside her besties bring up the uncanny coincidence that all of Celine’s ex boyfriends have one thing in common – they resemble Josh in one way or the other. Celine immediately brushes it off but as she spends more time with Josh, things have become rather uncomfortable for her because her besties observations might just be true.

Meanwhile Josh is having trouble in his relationship to Neema – a feisty young lady who hates the closeness that Josh and Celine shares. Josh vehemently denies it, but why won’t Josh propose to Celine? He already bought the ring but has kept it hidden for a while now. As Celine set’s off to prove to her besties that their jabber was all a coincidence she starts dating meeting Richard – The “Right Guy”

But Celine is in a quandary, what if Josh is truly her soul mate, Mr. Right – the love of her life? One night, Celine decides to do the unthinkable hoping it’ll give her a sign. Has Celine ruined her great friendship with Josh? Will they end up together? What of Neema?

DIRECTOR: David "Tosh" GItonga

SCREENPLAY: Natasha Likimani


WRITTEN BY: Silas Miami

EDITING: Franki Ashiruka


SOUND: Lee Smith

CAST: Nick Mutuma, Brenda Wairimu,Pierra Makena, Patricia Kihoro, Pascal Tokodi,Catherine Kamau, Bridgitte Shighadi and Brian Ogola 



David Gitonga, popularly known as Tosh is no newbie to the Movie Business. He worked as an assistant director on lms such as Afrika Mon Amour( 2006) , Malooned and Garden of Eden(2007) and The First Grader (2009) before getting his directorial debut in the award winning lm Nairobi Half Life.


(FRIDAY 30TH MARCH 2018- 7 :00PM)

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Put on your shorts, grab a shot and let’s watch some short films at the first Shorts, Shorts & Shots Night at the NBO Film Fest. The 75 minute program curated by The Box(A Docubox spin off)  in partnership with the British Council, will feature some of  Africa's very best short films giving Nairobi audiences a chance to see these excellent short films that haven’t been seen beyond the festival circuit.  

In addition, we will be celebrating the homecoming of the Kenyan / German short film Watu Wote  with a screening of their Academy shortlisted film and welcoming their stellar crew and cast  back from the Oscars. They will fill us in on their trip to the Oscars and their thoughts,  hopes and dreams for the Kenyan film industry.

See Samuel Ishimwe's film IMFURA, winner of a Silver Bear at the 2018 Berlinale Film Festival and some of the latest offerings from The Nest Collective. At the end of night, The Box will be making a very special announcement about its upcoming monthly Shorts, Shots and Shorts program. Don't miss it! There is production money  up for grabs!

And after that, your welcome stay and down a shot (or two, or three) as we celebrate African film with the Watu Wote cast and crew.